Monday, April 7, 2008

Thing #11
social bookmarking
I am really liking my bookmarks all in one place to use from home to work. Great concept!

Thing #10

A couple wikis that I looked at for elementary schools actually went to blogs. I think wikis have a purpose, students a lot of times don't really understand that they are not the "real thing!"

Thing #9

With all of the sources online now, it will be easier to access and work together. For our school we purchased 5 ASUS machines which have all programs web based.

Thing #8

Sharing Slide decks, photos and presentation slides are quite amazing. I don't choose to put many pictures out for the world to view, but if you did it is amazing!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thing #7

Describe how your library uses email. Has it improved productivity?
Our library uses email to report technology issues. It is a much quicker way to help staff and can be done on your own time. Students use email more socially, but also as homework help.
Share your thoughts on online reference using some of the other Web 2.0 communication tools.
Our library uses Worldbook Online, Proquest and a few of the other resources available. At the elementary level, I typically will have students use Worldbook Online as it is much easier for them to navigate.
Are you an active user of text messaging, IM, or other communication tools?
I do not use text messaging very often. I understand it's purpose, but prefer email or telephone communication.
Which OPAL or MINITEX Web conference (Webinar) did you attend? How was it? What do you think o this communication tool?
I chose to use OPAL web conferencing and I listened to Tom Peters talk about BIGWIG Social Software Showcase. He talked with us about the importance of video/online conferencing as gas prices increase and the need to get together with people from around the world increases. He was also going to be a presenter at the DC ALA which was interesting to hear some of the features he believes are beneficial about social conferencing online.

Thing #6

Online Image Generator: I added a playing card to my blog. I like it, although it turns out huge!!!! There are a lot of neat things that would be great to use with students using flickr and features in it!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thing #5

More fun with Flickr: We made puzzles and I tried spelling Mrs. R. We'll see if I can upload it to my blog!